About Us

Our Safety Guy has invested a lot of time and money to become one of the premier providers of Health & Safety Professionals in the Wind and Solar Power Industries. Our philosophy at OSG is use common sense and personality to achieve unprecedented results. Knowledge, Training and Experience come with time.  But personality is something you’re born with and can’t be taught.

Every single person on our team take the following oath:

I am a SAFETY PROFESSIONAL.  I am not a police officer and I do not write citations. My job is to monitor, audit, review and advise. I do not have the ability nor the desire to “fire” anyone. My goal is to make sure each employee goes home to his/her family at the end of each day. I will be firm, fair and consistent with my responses. My ability to communicate is my strongest tool. I understand that making someone follow a rule is easy, but making them want to follow it is my job. I identify gaps in the safety processes and advise my client on the best way to correct it. My positive attitude, personality and common sense will take me further than any degree I may have. Because, I am a SAFETY PROFESSIONAL.

We believe in 4 basic principles:

Principle 1:  We cannot eliminate injuries by managing statistics better

Principle 2:  Incentives and Discipline:  “The Carrot and the Stick” alone will not achieve an injury-free environment.

Principle 3:  Safety Performance is a result of perceived actions around safety, not necessarily management’s actual actions.

Principle 4:  A clear, compelling, genuine vision for safety is the cornerstone for injury-free performance.


Make sure your business meets the state and federal requirements with occupational safety solutions from OSG.  Our business provides safety services throughout the Gulf Coast and across the country.  With more than two decades of experience, OSG is the right choice for OSHA compliance, safety training, and consulting needs.

Safety First

The team at OSG believes in the value of workplace safety.  We take pride in educating you about the importance of OSHA regulations while saving you money on fees.  Changing the culture of a workplace from one that considers safety to be a secondary concern to one that puts safety first is our greatest satisfaction.  We are deeply committed to our customers and strive to provide affordable solutions.